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Providing The Highest Level Of Defense For Students Facing Title IX College Disciplinary Proceedings

Accusations of sexual misconduct and on-campus disciplinary proceedings can destroy your reputation, prevent you from obtaining your degree, and harm your future career. They can lead to negative outcomes, such as suspension or expulsion, loss of scholarships and financial aid, and damaging reports on your transcript. What’s more, a Title IX investigation could ultimately result in referral to law enforcement for criminal charges.  At Lynch & Pine, we understand the high stakes involved in Title IX cases. Our lawyers can provide you with a strong and effective defense through all stages of college disciplinary proceedings. We can also defend you against any criminal charges that may stem from the on-campus allegations.  The legal team at Lynch & Pine has represented scores of college students accused of a wide range of on-campus misconduct.

What’s Involved In A Title IX Case?

Title IX refers to a federal law that requires federally funded colleges and universities to have policies and procedures for handling complaints involving:

  • Sexual harassment, assault, and rape
  • Physical violence
  • Race-related incidents
  • Other types of misconduct

These policies must include steps for conducting an impartial investigation and providing the accused with due process – that is, a fair opportunity to be heard and presenting evidence in your defense.

Why Enlist A Defense Lawyer?

Navigating Title IX proceedings can be complicated and intimidating. You have important rights, but without the skill or knowledge about how to protect and exercise those rights, you could end up with a harsh outcome that could have been avoided.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to your degree, reputation, or your future. Our Title IX defense attorneys can stand up for you. We’re on your side.

Never Face A College Disciplinary Action Alone

Let us stand beside you and you can benefit from our legal team’s 150-plus years of combined experience. Start today with a free consultation by calling 401-680-0921. We have convenient offices in Newport and Providence, Rhode Island.


Representative Cases

  • Defended a Brown University student athlete accused of sexual assault and filed a federal lawsuit to challenge school’s flawed Title IX process that suspended student. Successfully reinstated student to academics and athletics after federal court found that university violated its own Title IX policies.
  • Represented two undergraduate sexual assault victims in Title IX proceedings;
  • Represented a post-graduate medical student challenging her expulsion from university throughout the disciplinary process and ultimately filed a federal court lawsuit seeking reinstatement;
  • Represented a male undergraduate student in university disciplinary proceedings arising out of an accusation of a physical assault, resulting in a private settlement that avoided any criminal charges;
  • Defended an undergraduate student accused of race-related misconduct in a college disciplinary proceeding, resulting in a clean transcript and no criminal charges filed.