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Assault And Domestic Violence Requires Immediate Defense

Last updated on December 3, 2020

Rhode Island distinguishes between simple assault and felony assault (or assault with a dangerous weapon). The difference is generally a matter of the severity of the injuries or whether a weapon was used.

If you’ve been charged with assault, call us right away to discuss your legal options. Particularly when the other party may have started a fight with you, it’s critically important to get our defense strategy moving quickly. You have only a limited time to file critical defense motions to win your case.

Defending You Against Charges Of Domestic Assault

Many assault cases take place in the home. When you are charged with a domestic crime, the penalties will include mandatory domestic violence counseling. Further, if you or your loved one is charged with a domestic crime after already being convicted for domestic violence, then you or that loved one will be facing mandatory jail time.

If you are accused of domestic violence, you should contact one of our knowledgeable criminal law attorneys as soon as possible to plan your defense.

Analyzing Your Case From Every Possible Angle

Our firm’s familiarity with area courts plus our knowledge of a broad array of defense strategies allows us to analyze your case from every possible angle. If there is an error or false assumption in your case, we will identify it and put that error to work for you.

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