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Charged With A Computer Crime? We Can Help. 

Last updated on December 3, 2020

With recent high-profile data breaches and ongoing issues with internet phishing schemes, identity theft and other offenses, it is not difficult to understand the reasons behind the government’s heightened focus on eliminating cybercrime. Federal laws have become much more stringent in these matters, and the penalties for a criminal conviction have become much more severe.

If you know you are being investigated for any type of computer-related crime, it is important that you take the matter seriously and seek the advice of a reliable criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. At Lynch & Pine, we provide strategic defense representation to Rhode Island and Massachusetts clients who are facing federal charges in these cases.

Building An Effective Defense Against Any Computer Crime Charge

Crimes involving technology can be extremely difficult to prove. If you are being accused of hacking into someone else’s computer, it is also possible to argue that you were the hacking victim and that someone else was conducting illegal activity under your credentials. You may not even need to be hacked; it could be that someone else had access to your password and signed on to the computer as you. We will present the strongest possible defense to show that you are not the person responsible for the illegal activity.

We defend clients against charges arising from any alleged computer crime, including:

  • Unlawfully accessing a computer you were not authorized to use
  • Using a computer for the purpose of committing fraud
  • Theft of data, including personal information that could be used for identity theft
  • Fraudulent activity designed to obtain personal information, including email schemes
  • Possession, production or transmission of child pornography
  • Luring or soliciting a child via the internet
  • Cyberstalking and cyberbullying via social media or other forums
  • Creating and/or distributing viruses and malware
  • Illegal file sharing, especially of protected material

Discuss Your Case With One Of Our Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

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