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Criminal Defense From Former Prosecutors

Last updated on December 3, 2020

It is a rare family today that doesn’t have a member charged with some kind of crime at some time. It is not a pleasant experience, but when it happens and you or your loved one’s continued freedom is at stake, you will want to obtain the best counsel available.

Lynch & Pine includes attorneys who worked as prosecutors in the Rhode Island Office of the Attorney General. During that time, they prosecuted individuals charged with homicide, drug offenses, assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, and corruption and other white collar crimes.

Exceptional Experience With Gun Cases

Many criminal lawyers, truth be told, have never set foot in a courtroom. The attorneys at Lynch & Pine, by contrast, are battle-hardened courtroom lawyers for whom trials are an everyday matter. Even when a case does not go all the way to trial, our lawyers are prepared to try a case to verdict. As a consequence, our attorneys are as effective and as respected on the defense side today as they were on the prosecutorial side in the past.

Attention To Detail In Drug Cases

Many of the crimes people are accused of are matters of misinterpretation, misidentification or incorrect procedure. At Lynch & Pine, we analyze what really happened, who was involved and how the arrest occurred. Often, we come across an irregularity that causes the entire case to come apart. This is a level of analysis that many lawyers lack.

This list is just the beginning. We represent people charged with any violation of Rhode Island laws. Wherever people need vigorous defense against criminal charges, Lynch & Pine of Providence, Rhode Island, is there.

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