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Has the Government or Law Enforcement Seized Your Assets? We Can Help You Get It Back

We represent individuals who have had their assets seized – either by law enforcement during a criminal investigation or by the government after a conviction. Sometimes, the government can even seize your assets under the presumption that you have done something illegal without even proving you committed a crime. They do this under certain laws that allow law enforcement or the courts to seize your money, belongings, and other assets before a conviction. We help individuals navigate these complicated cases and help them recover their property.

There are two types of forfeiture. The first is known as criminal forfeiture. It occurs only after a person has been convicted of a crime and is part of the sentencing process. When a defendant is convicted of certain classes of crimes — including theft or robbery, fraud, money laundering, drug offenses, and some immigration law offenses – the court orders the seizure of property that was unlawfully obtained, used to facilitate the crime, or that was obtained using proceeds from illegal activity. The other type of forfeiture is a civil asset forfeiture. This is done by police or law enforcement if they merely believe your assets are connected to criminal activity. They use the power of the government to seize assets under the presumption that you’ve done something wrong.

We represent individuals who face both criminal and or civil forfeiture proceedings and have successfully obtained wrongfully seized assets. If you have had your property seized, we encourage you to contact us at 401-680-0921 to speak with an attorney.