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Sexual Assault Accusation? You Need An Attorney Immediately.

Last updated on December 3, 2020

Few criminal charges carry the stigma associated with sex offenses. Even when the allegations prove untrue, the arrest will likely affect you at work and in all your relationships. Many of the accused walk under a shadow for the rest of their days. Consequently, it is vital to hire the best lawyers you can to defend against such negative allegations.

At Lynch & Pine, our attorneys will defend clients accused of sexual assault, possession of child pornography and other sex crimes.

No Substitute For Experience

In cases such as these, there is no substitute for experience and knowledge of the law. This is not a matter for your family lawyer. As former prosecutors with the Office of the Attorney General, our experience in this area and in the actual courtroom is second to none.

Defending Clients Against Failure To Register Charges

These are difficult and often-infuriating accusations. Our practice at Lynch & Pine is to treat clients with discretion and respect. We want clients to know we will fight for them as hard as we would for any client. We recognize the impact sex offender registration can have on your future, so we will fashion a defense strategy that seeks to avoid such painful consequences.

Our Goal Is To Protect Your Rights And Your Reputation

We seek to protect your rights, to maintain your freedom and to minimize damage to your reputation. If you have been accused of a sexual crime, you must act quickly. Contact us online or call 401-680-0921 to discuss your options.