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Profit Motives Lead To Harm

All assisted living facilities and nursing homes are under immense pressure to achieve or maintain 100% occupancy. When a bed or a room is empty at an assisted living facility, even for a few days or a week, they often see that as money going out the door. As a result, there is an aggressive system that recruits incoming residents and often keeps them at assisted living facilities beyond their care needs. Residents frequently see their mental status and physical conditions deteriorate to the point where they require more advanced care, like those provided by nursing homes. However, to keep their beds filled, and the monthly rent checks coming in, assisted living facilities keep residents in their facility rather than transfer them. As a result, serious incidents and injuries occur. Residents fall victim to neglect, catastrophic falls, patient-on-patient assaults, and a host of other negligent incidents. This is especially true for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Aside from inadequate care, other incidents can include medication errors, pressure sores, and caregiver assaults. Any of these can result in serious injuries, catastrophic harm, and the wrongful death of a loved one.

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When a medical malpractice incident occurs at an assisted living facility or nursing home, you need a skilled attorney to evaluate the case, review the medical records, and file a lawsuit if necessary. Attorney Marshall Raucci has successfully represented numerous families, both in and out court, for injuries and the death of a loved one at a care facility. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury at an assisted living facility or nursing home, contact attorney Marshall Raucci today. You can call our firm at 401-680-0921 or send us an email to tell us your story.