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Trusted Defense For Tax Fraud Charges

Last updated on December 9, 2020

Tax fraud occurs when a person or entity knowingly provides false information in an attempt to avoid some type of tax liability. Tax fraud is a serious crime that can result in extremely harsh penalties. If you are being investigated for tax fraud, it is critical that you hire a reliable federal criminal defense lawyer immediately.

At Lynch & Pine, we provide thorough, results-oriented representation to clients throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts who are facing allegations of federal tax fraud. We have a complete understanding of the United States tax code. We know how the IRS Criminal Investigative Division (CID) prepares its cases, and we understand the tactics they use to gather evidence during their investigations. We will aggressively pursue every possible option in an effort to protect your future.

Dedicated Representation At Every Step In The Process

There are instances where a party accused of tax evasion is guilty of nothing more than a calculation error. For you to be charged with a crime, there needs to be evidence that you deliberately provided false information on your tax documents. It is our commitment to avoid a conviction on your record whenever possible.

Many tax fraud investigations begin with an audit. If the IRS detects something that raises a red flag, an audit will provide it with the information it needs to begin building a case. If you have been notified that you are scheduled to be audited and you know that some type of illegal activity is likely to be uncovered, we can help you negotiate a favorable outcome. Do not wait until the IRS’ suspicions are confirmed and you are facing charges before you seek legal counsel.

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