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Protecting Your Rights In Unlawful Asset Forfeiture Actions

Last updated on December 3, 2020

In ventures that involve substantial cash or assets that were either amassed via criminal activity or used to support it, that property can be seized by law enforcement either as evidence or ill-gotten gains. The problem with many of these cases is that law enforcement oversteps their authority or has no legal grounds upon which to conduct the search. In either instance, the targets of these searches have rights that need to be protected.

If law enforcement officials have unjustly seized your property, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can give you the best chance of getting it back. At Lynch & Pine, we have extensive experience representing clients in a variety of asset forfeiture cases. We have a complete understanding of the law in these matters, and we know the best approach to securing a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Strategic Representation In Complex Criminal Matters

In many asset forfeiture actions, authorities make a decision that at least some portion of your income or property is connected to a criminal enterprise. When they come to execute the warrant at your home or place of business, they will often seize anything in sight whether it has a logical connection to the alleged criminal activity or not.

When you hire our firm, we will do everything in our power to recover the maximum amount of your property. We are highly skilled at the review of warrants and determining exactly what permissions they provide. If we find any evidence of illegal search and seizure, we will take decisive action to have any unlawfully taken property returned to you and any related evidence suppressed.

Discuss Your Asset Seizure And Illegal Search Concerns With An Attorney

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