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Tax fraud is a common federal charge, and if you are currently under investigation for this type of crime or you are already facing charges, there is no time to lose in seeking full protection of your interests. Conviction of this type of crime could result in jail time and various other penalties that could have a serious, long-reaching impact on your life.

What is tax fraud?

According to the IRS, as many as 17 percent of taxpayers fail to meet the standards of the tax code in some way. Some of these deviations are unintentional, while others are willful wrongdoing. There is a difference between tax fraud and tax negligence, and the difference could be significant for your case. Tax fraud is any willful action done in an attempt to defraud the IRS in some way. This includes the following types of actions:

  • Failure to file an income tax return
  • Intentionally failing to report income
  • Making false claims
  • Making fraudulent claims
  • Preparation of and filing a false tax return
  • Failing to pay taxes when they are due

The United States tax code is lengthy, complex and difficult for most people to understand. It is possible that your criminal charges come from a misunderstanding of your tax obligations or a misinterpretation of the code.

No matter the details of your individual case, you have the right to seek a beneficial outcome to your case. You would be prudent to fight back against federal charges of any kind, including charges of tax fraud.

How you can protect yourself

The people most often accused of tax fraud or audited for potential tax fraud include those who are self-employed or who receive their wages in mostly cash. These include waiters, store owners, doctors, lawyers and hair dressers. Whether you intentionally underreported cash or unknowingly did something wrong, you have the right to confront these charges with a strong defense.

You would be wise to take any federal charges seriously and begin to explore your defense options as soon as possible. When it comes to protecting yourself, fighting to avoid a conviction and shielding your future interests, there is no time to lose.