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August 2017 Archives

Improper use of medical marijuana could be a major problem

In Rhode Island, medical marijuana is available to certain individuals who have specific medical conditions. The use of this drug is thought to help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with various diseases and disorders. In order to lawfully have medical marijuana, a person must have a prescription from a doctor and a qualifying medical condition.

Rhode Island and the outlook of cocaine laws

As America has recently seen a shift in views toward marijuana, views regarding cocaine remain largely the same. Although common and easily accessible in the state of Rhode Island, cocaine generally has a negative reputation, with its high connection to other crimes. However, it is important to know the variety of factors that can determine the severity of a case, including the quantity of the drug, the type of cocaine and past criminal records.

How do moving offense charges stack?

Rhode Island residents like yourself may not know that simple traffic violations can stack up quickly, resulting in more of an impact on your life than you might have expected. At Lynch & Pine, we lay out all of the possible consequences of one or more traffic violations to highlight just how heavily you might be affected by stacking traffic violations.

Opioid addiction help urged

Rhode Island residents who are arrested for and charged with drug crimes understandably may be concerned about the penalties they may face if they are ultimately convicted of the offenses. In addition to criminal or legal consequences, however, many people must also struggle with the problems associated with serious addictions to substances. In recent years, there has been a growing amount of pressure across the country to tackle the issues relating to opioid addiction.

Speeding tickets, running red lights and the law

Oftentimes, pressing situations can tempt drivers to accelerate at speeds well beyond posted speed limits. Despite such demanding situations, the law requires drivers to obey speeding signs and follow through with court procedures when they show neglect to such signs. Rhode Island has its own set of traffic violations, including speeding regulations to ensure safety on the road.

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