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The State of Rhode Island General Assembly offers online links to Chapters 31-14 Speed Restrictions. In the section titled “reasonable and prudent speeds,” restrictions hold that no person shall drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable, noting that all drivers must take heed of such guidelines and understand the potential hazards on the road. Such regulations can help drivers avoid collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians or other conveyance on or entering the highway. The restriction details close with reference to violations and the potential fines of speeding. Of course, there are a number of other factors involved when determining a traffic violation, but it is important to understand such restrictions and know drivers’ rights concerning speeding tickets.

The ways in which officials track speeding and other traffic violation incidents have been controversial. Rhode Island Public Radio reports that the city council anticipates more cameras at traffic lights in the future. Such cameras snap photos of cars running red lights, so officials can mail a ticket to the driver. The American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island is one group criticizing the plan for new cameras, stating that there is still no proof or data showing that the cameras are, in fact, effective. However, Providence officials claim that the instilling of new cameras will help them ensure that no one is unnecessarily charged with a ticket.