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3 types of nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2022 | Nursing Home Negligence |

When people think of nursing home abuse, images of bruises and bedsores might come to mind, both of which are indicative of possible physical abuse or neglect in a Rhode Island assisted living facility. While physical abuse is certainly a problem in some nursing homes, it is important for family members to be able to identify the other kinds of abuse that exist as well.

Here are three types of nursing home abuse to watch out for.

1. Physical abuse

Signs of physical harm are often, but not always, the most obvious indicator that abuse is occurring. These signs may include evidence of bruises, burns or broken bones among your loved one or other residents in the facility.

2. Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is one of the most common forms of mistreatment against older adults. This behavior may come in many forms, including:

  • Gaslighting the experiences of a person
  • Controlling where a person goes or what they can do
  • Isolating a person from close friends and family members
  • Yelling at or verbally harassing a person

Although the signs are generally not quite as obvious as physical abuse, someone suffering from emotional abuse may become anxious, depressed or more withdrawn.

3. Sexual abuse

Signs of sexual abuse can often be similar to those of physical or emotional abuse. Residents who are unable to fight back or give consent tend to be most at risk for sexual abuse, although it can happen to anyone.

Knowing about different types of abuse gives people more agency to protect their loved ones.