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Prevent misdiagnosis by preparing for your appointment

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Medical Malpractice, Misdiagnosis/Failure To Diagnose |

You trust your doctor to provide a proper diagnosis when you go in for a medical appointment. But many primary care physicians miss symptoms or diagnose patients improperly for many different reasons. 

According to a study conducted by Mayo Clinic involving patients seeking a second opinion, only 12 percent of respondents had received a correct diagnosis from their primary care physician. To increase your chances of your doctor getting your diagnosis correct and providing proper care, there are steps you should take before every appointment. 

Write down every symptom

Sit down and write down each and every symptom you have to prevent medical misdiagnosis. Review this list at least a few times before your appointment to make sure you do not forget anything. 

Stay on top of your medical history

Do some research and find out what diseases and conditions are common among your family members. Many medical conditions, like cancer, heart disease and even mental health issues, have a genetic component. 

Describe your symptoms carefully

When you sit down with your doctor, describe your symptoms but do not conclude a condition. For example, if you are having ear pain, remark that you are having pain in your ear instead of stating that you have an ear infection. 

Bring in your medication bottles

Instead of writing down your medications and doses, bring in your actual medication bottles. Allow your doctor to review them to make sure you have the right medicine and that you take the correct amount at the right time.