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Having your gun ownership rights restored

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Firm News |

Like most people in Providence, you might think that the consequences of a criminal conviction end with the completion of your incarceration and/or the payment of any mandated fines or restitution. Yet that is not always the case; depending on the offense, you have to deal with the ramifications for years (or even decades) to come. 

One such consequence is the revocation of your right to own a firearm. Many facing this have come to us here at Lynch & Pine asking if there is any way to have this right restored. The answer to that question (again) is dependent on the nature of the offense that led to your conviction. 

Limitation of rights due to violent crimes 

The state has indeed provided a method through which those convicted of a crime can own a gun again. Such a reinstatement of rights typically only comes, however, after meeting certain criteria (such as waiting for a predetermined period of time while avoiding involvement with any other sort of criminal activity). However, if your conviction was for a violent crime, restoration of your gun rights may not be available through this particular channel. Many gun crimes will often fall under the category of violent crimes. 

Restoration through expunction 

There still may be hope, however, for you to regain the right to own a firearm following a gun crime conviction. According to the Restoration of Right Project, having your criminal record expunged brings with it relief of any civil or criminal restrictions (with owning a gun being among them). You must wait 10 years after a felony conviction (five for a misdemeanor) to petition for expunction, and you have to have been a first-time offender. 

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