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Effects of domestic violence on children and the youth

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Firm News |

According to the Communities and Justice, young people and children may get physically hurt either deliberately or accidentally during violent episodes. Children should grow up in a nurturing and secure environment. Therefore, a home that experiences a family or domestic violence is not safe, and the children may be scared about what may happen to the people they love and to themselves. Similarly, young people and children may experience depression and ongoing anxiety.

They may find it hard to manage stress, undergo low self-esteem, and may sometimes do self-harm. Furthermore, the child may get aggressive towards the school mate and friends, blame themselves, feel guilty for the violence, and have difficulty concentrating. Also, they may develop insomnia and phobias, struggle with their schoolwork or going to school, and have less empathy and care for others.

According to the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre, they may suffer psychological and emotional trauma. It may be as a result of living in a household dominated by fear and tension. Similarly, they may see their mother as sexually or physically assaulted, demeaned, and threatened. Besides, they may be manipulated and used by the abuser to aid in hurting the mother. Furthermore, they may be a direct victim of sexual or physical abuse. The perpetrator may target them and inflict sexual, physical, or severe neglect on them.

Concurrently, they may leave home early, stay away from home, and get married soon to escape from home or participate in detrimental behaviors to impress their peers. Additionally, they may be prone to violent outbursts, eating disorders, suicide, substance and alcohol abuse, and nightmares. However, the emotional and physical impacts of the family and domestic violence may improve when the victim is safe.