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Will a DUI prevent me from securing a job?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2019 | Firm News |

A DUI may not seem like the end of the world at first glance, but it can make life a lot harder for you, especially when trying to secure a job. 

Here are ways in which a DUI may affect your job prospects. 

Job type 

In professions such as law enforcement, education, medicine, merchant shipping, flight control and others, a DUI conviction may bring with it immediate and severe repercussions. Suspensions or outright dismissals are not unheard of in these fields. A DUI conviction raises the question of whether the applicant will be able to discharge his or her duties as required. 

Background checks 

Potential employers have the legal freedom to carry out background checks, and a DUI will likely show up on that record. However, you should note that a DUI offense may not automatically prevent you from gaining employment. Be honest with your potential employer about your record. Should you have a case, express the fact that it was a regrettable mistake from your past, and proceed to shift the conversation to how you will be an asset to the company in the present and future. 

Conviction vs. arrest 

In many instances, a DUI encounter will only become relevant upon conviction. A misdemeanor charge may fail to gain attention, especially if it was a single instance. Considering the fact that the law typically only classifies DUIs that involve multiple arrests or that lead to injury or death above the level of a misdemeanor, there may still be a good chance for you to land the job you are searching for. 

Plan of action 

You may be eligible for a DUI expungement under certain circumstances, although there is a waiting period after a conviction. However, it is better not to wait until after the fact. To prevent a drunk driving charge from affecting your job prospects, address the situation immediately with a strong defense strategy.