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How a DUI charge can impact a person’s career

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Firm News |

Being charged with a DUI can take varying degrees of time to get past depending on why a person was charged and the circumstances surrounding their arrest. For repeat offenders in Rhode Island and for those who have injured someone else because of their actions, they could be facing significant fines and even jail time. For those who have received their first DUI, after a brief suspension and proof that they have changed their habits, they may have the chance to get their license reinstated.

A DUI charge can affect many areas of a person’s life, but one notable area is his or her career. Driving under the influence is especially bad for people who are driving company vehicles and are responsible for representing the organization they work for.

According to MSN, some companies will use a DUI charge as grounds to let people go if the situation is serious enough. For employees who are tasked with operating company vehicles, machinery or equipment, their pending charges could cost them their job or at the least, require that their responsibilities be modified which could mean less pay.

Even for people who do not operate company vehicles, a DUI charge could still impact their career if they are unable to get to and from their job because their driving privileges are compromised. Verwellmind.com suggests that regardless of how serious a person’s drunk driving charge is or where it was given, they will lose their privilege to drive for at least a period of time. For people who rely on themselves to get to and from work, their decision may cause them inconvenience as they will have to arrange other means of transportation until they can have their license reinstated.