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Reports indicate that a man drove over a center island and in an opposing lane of traffic in the area near the Westerly library. An officer is said to have witnessed the erratic driving and pulled the man over. Field sobriety tests were not passed and two different breath tests returned breath alcohol content levels of 0.298 and 0.322 percent. The defendant is 57 years old and has been released from custody on a bond until his next court appearance.

A woman was pulled over by officers after she was originally found by them on a beach near the Watch Hill Yacht Club. Her BAC test results showed levels of 0.289 and 0.305 percent. Reports indicate she failed a field sobriety test but it is not known which test she may have taken as there are multiple tests approved for use in a drunk driving investigation.

People who fail field sobriety tests and are ultimately charged with DUI offenses might want to talk to an attorney to learn about the validity and accuracy of these tests as well as their options for their defenses.

Source: The Westerly Sun, “Police: Two facing DUI charges, both at 4 times the legal limit when tested,” Jason Vallee, June 22, 2017