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March 2017 Archives

Defining the different levels of assault in Rhode Island

Altercations may be common in Newport, yet if you are like most, you may assume that few escalate into what many would consider to be assault. Yet oftentimes, clients come to us here at Lynch and Pine surprised to discover that what they may have classified as being minor scuffles end up netting them assault charges. If you have been involved in an altercation that could potentially result in criminal charges, you may want to exactly how the state defines assault, as well as what penalties you may face.

The walk-and-turn DUI test

If you have ever wondered what might happen to you during a traffic stop and a police officer decides to test you for potential impairment, you are not alone. explains that there are a series of tests sanctioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that officers can use to help them gather information that may support them placing you under arrest for suspected drunk driving.

Don’t let a traffic stop destroy your future

Seeing the red and blue flashing lights of a police car in your rear view mirror can be enough to make any driver panic. Having to pull over and speak to police officers is, at the very least, inconvenient and a bit embarrassing. However, a traffic stop also has the potential to lead to some very serious consequences for a driver accused of breaking the law.

Investigators take medical fraud seriously

Because medical insurance is a complex and complicated entity, some people working in the health care industry have found it easy to deceive the system for personal gain. Patients are often unaware of the coverage their plans offer or the types of diagnostics a physician may order for particular complaints. Add to that the level of trust many place in their health care providers, and you can see why someone could find fraud enticing.

What is a common nuisance?

When you think about drug-related crimes, you probably think of selling, trafficking or possessing unlawful substances. However, there are a number of other offenses related to drugs for which you can be arrested.

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