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Golfer's arrest shines light on drugged driving

Many across Rhode Island and across the nation have heard of the DUI arrest of famed golfer, Tiger Woods, that happened near his home in Florida at the end of May. Woods blew a .000 on his Breathalyzer, according to The Atlantic, but issued a statement saying his erratic driving was due to “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications."

Field sobriety tests not 100 percent accurate

If you are one of the Rhode Island drivers who have been arrested for and charged with a driving under the influence offense, you understandably want to learn about your options for a defense. Many people may assume that the tests used by police officers, sheriffs or other law enforcement officials are bullet proof. However, this is not true. As explained by, the three field sobriety tests used at the location of a drunk driving arrest stop each have different accuracy levels but none are 100-percent accurate.

Ignition interlock devices used to prevent repeat DUIs

In an effort to keep the roads safe, Rhode Island allows steep consequences for those who are convicted of DUIs. According to WPRI, it has been two years since ignition interlock devices became one of the ways judges are able to punish DUI offenders. The devices operate like breathalyzer tests, and before a drive is able to start the car they have to blow into the device and show a blood-alcohol content of lower than .02 in order for the ignition to turn on. The state’s legal limit is .08 blood-alcohol concentration. Judges are able to restrict those convicted of a DUI to only drive cars that are equipped with an ignition interlock device.

The walking field sobriety test

If you have been arrested for and charged with a suspected driving under the influence charge in Rhode Island, you can probably attest to the fear and uncertainty you felt when the officer or officers pulled you over. Many parts of that stop may be a blur to you as you were understandably scared and trying to figure out what was going to happen to you. 

What is the one-legged stand test?

Have you ever heard people talk about field sobriety tests and wondered exactly what those things were? Well, you are not alone. Knowing what these tests are and what they are used to determine or allow is important for anyone who drives in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island State Police charge woman with DUI

Rhode Island residents may know that April is distracted driving awareness month but that does not mean that drivers will not need to watch out for officers and stops that may lead to other issues such as a drunk driving arrest. Even as April was imminent, one woman from Massachusetts learned this while driving southbound along a stretch of Route 295 in Rhode Island.

The walk-and-turn DUI test

If you have ever wondered what might happen to you during a traffic stop and a police officer decides to test you for potential impairment, you are not alone. explains that there are a series of tests sanctioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that officers can use to help them gather information that may support them placing you under arrest for suspected drunk driving.

Playing it smart with a DUI & DWI defense In Rhode Island

It's a common misconception that Rhode Island drivers are guilty as soon as they see the flashing red lights in their rear view mirrors. Drivers may know they have been drinking alcohol and are probably over the limit of .08 and thus act the part by nearly convicting themselves. But one of the greatest parts of our legal system is that we are innocent until proven guilty.

Stay safe and protect your rights on Super Bowl Sunday

Over the years, the Super Bowl has turned into an event that is not just for football fans. Many people who have little interest in the game host and attend Super Bowl parties. In fact, Super Bowl parties are such a big deal that Americans eat more on Super Bowl Sunday than on any other day except Thanksgiving, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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