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Mix up between miles and kilometers nets man a speeding ticket

It may be difficult to find anyone in Newport who has not, at one time or another, been asked that all-too-familiar question of “Do you know what the speed limit is on this road” by a law enforcement officer. The range of reasons one may have for speeding may be extensive, ranging from being late for work or an appointment, to simply being unfamiliar with the area. Misinterpreting a speed limit might seem like another of the many excuses people may cite. Yet in some cases, it may legitimately be true.

The differences in the standard units of measurement between the U.S. and Canada recently taught a North Dakota man a costly lessen. The man had been traveling along a Canadian road at what he thought was the posted speed limit of 100 mph. What he did not realize is that Canadian speed limits are posted in metric units. His traveling 100 mph in what was actually a 100 kph zone had him actually driving at 168 kmh. Unfortunately, it took the intervention of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police offer to reveal his error.

The officer who administered the speeding ticket to the man acknowledged that many who cross over from the U.S. make the same mistake. In this particular case, he opted not to charge the man for dangerous driving.

One might wonder why, in such a case, a ticket would be warranted at all, given the man’s ignorance of Canadian speed limit postings. One may feel justified in challenging a ticket in such a situation. Yet before doing so, he or she may want to secure the services of a reliable attorney.

Source: UPI “American’s metric error lands $900 speeding ticket in Canada” Uria, Daniel, May 3, 2017

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