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College students have a lot at stake when arrested for DUI

The administrations of many colleges and universities take seriously the dangers of alcohol use. In fact, it is common for institutes of higher learning to have dry campuses, meaning that, even if you are legally old enough to drink, you may not do so on school grounds, including in your dorm room.

Of course, that doesn't mean you weren't able to find a party, and now that the semester is over, you were probably looking forward to many fun and relaxing evenings with friends between now and the beginning of the new term. Obviously, you weren't counting on an arrest for drunk driving.

The real damage

You may be thinking that the fine won't hurt you, and that you will likely end up with probation or some alternative like alcohol treatment. While this may be a possibility, a conviction for DUI may harm you in other ways, including:

  • Disqualifying you from certain areas of employment, such as those requiring professional licensure like nursing, teaching or law
  • Reducing your eligibility for jobs requiring stellar background checks, such as some government positions, military occupational specialties or those careers requiring a security clearance
  • Revoking some scholarships, grants and other tuition resources
  • Losing your on-campus housing
  • Placing you on academic probation or even expelling you from college, depending on the institution's standards

While these consequences may vary depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you are likely facing some long-term repercussions that threaten to affect your educational path.

Getting back on track

Even if this is your first experience with a DUI arrest, the potential consequences are too serious to face without assistance. Understanding what's at stake, you certainly want to do everything possible to protect your plans and dreams.

Having an attorney with experience on both the prosecution and defense sides of DUI cases may ensure you have the greatest advantage when you appear before district court or Rhode Island traffic court. Such an attorney will examine the evidence against you and build a strong defense around its flaws and weaknesses. Whether you refused a Breathalyzer or police arrested you as a result of the test, your attorney will advise you how best to proceed to minimize the negative consequences to your college career and your future.

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