Modifying Family Law Orders

In many divorce cases, the circumstances surrounding the finalized divorce decree ultimately change. Some of these changes may warrant a post-divorce modification. If you are going through a substantial change in circumstances such as a job change or move, or you are anticipating such a change, it is important to do this legally through the family court systems. Otherwise any changes made to the original divorce decree (even if both parties are in agreement) will not be recognized by the court.

Compassionate And Dedicated Post-Divorce Counsel

At Lynch & Pine in Providence, our attorneys have more than 75 years of experience. We utilize our skills and extensive knowledge of family law to help our clients with a broad range of legal issues whether before, during or after a divorce is finalized. The most common family law issue that can arise post-divorce is the need for a modification. We can help you file a petition to modify your existing divorce decree. If you are the party contesting a modification, we can also help you by providing strong advocacy and legal representation.

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Types Of Post-Judgment Modifications

There are many types of modifications one can seek in Rhode Island. The following are the most common post-judgment modifications that are sought, and reasons that are often considered significant enough to grant the modification request:

  • Child custody and visitation modification: With issues related to children, any decision is made by taking into account the best interests of the child. Whether one parent is moving out of state, has a big schedule change at work or one spouse has remarried, whatever the reason, the child's best interests are still priority.
  • Child support modification: Reasons for a child support modification can include job loss, remarriage, significant loss in income, or the child turning 18 or suffering a disabling injury.
  • Alimony/spousal support modification: The paying spouse may have an increase or decrease in their salary, the receiving spouse could have obtained a lucrative job opportunity or remarriage by either party can change the situation enough to merit an alimony modification.

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