Helping Families Resolve Child Custody And Visitation Issues

A major and often emotional issue in a divorce is child custody and visitation. At our law firm, we understand how difficult your divorce is already, especially on the emotional front. To top that off, you are now faced with the difficult determination of how legal custody and physical custody will be resolved. Our attorneys will do everything they can to make this a smoother transition for you and your child, by providing compassionate and dedicated child custody and visitation counsel.

With our law firm located in Providence, our Rhode Island family law practice includes helping resolve all child custody and visitation matters. This can also mean resolving issues after a divorce decree was finalized, such as post-divorce modifications. At any stage in the divorce process, we are there with catered and customized legal counsel.

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Parenting Time

The more current legal term for child custody is "parenting time." Rather than using verbiage that relates to "custody," the issue is how time is divided between the two parties. The Rhode Island courts encourage parties to resolve all divorce issues, especially child custody and visitation issues through mediation or negotiation methods. This avoids additional time, contention and stress for all parties involved, including the child.

We can help you create a customized parenting time agreement with you and your ex-spouse in a way that can potentially work for both of you. Everything from drop-off times, locations, holidays, vacations, weekends, education decisions, religious decisions and more are determined, so that your child's transition into a post-divorce life can be as smooth as possible.

In the event that an amicable agreement is not possible, we will provide fierce trial representation on your behalf. The family courts will always hold the best interests of the child standard as the threshold for all final divorce decrees, whether at trial or using mediation.

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